Industrial insulation Company in Tunisia and Europe: AFRIKISOL

AFRIKISOL is the young graduates' adventure who took the initiative in Mars 2010, to value and develops the heat insulation and the insulation business, inherited from father to son.

Thanks to our tenacity to make things well, to our perseverance and the will to respect the quality and our commitments with our customers, we made of AFRIKISOL industry in 5 years the Tunisian Leader in the heat insulation field with ISO certification 9001, 2008 Version since 2014.

So, led up by the spirit of innovation and diversification in the entrepreneurship taking advantage of the recognition of our knowledge and of the need noticed to our partner, we decided to widen our action radius in the prefabrication and the assembly of the piping’ equipments by the creation of AFRIKISOL Studies and Realizations in February, 2016.

These initiatives of the group activity extension, offer to the sector and to its customers a range of activities and reliable services, and complete which covers our field of intervention upstream and downstream.

Our group defined a values mission, which leans on a strategic approach, and on a team highly qualified in all our intervention fields, with an ultimate and noble objective to SATISFY THE CUSTUMER AND TO MAKE OF HIM THE PRIVILEGED PARTNER IN THE WINNER – WINNER SPIRIT.

Our fields of intervention

The insulation services of AFRIKISOL Industry are very required in various industrial sectors