The group is the specialist of the industrial Piping’s assembly.

Our know-how :

  • Piping’s
  • Boiler making
  • Metallic construction
  • Weld: Arc, Tig-Mig, Mag
    • Design of the execution plans from the principal plans of the piping and boilers and generally any industrial plant.
    • Following and execution of the soldering work with isometry of weld, and assembly, reparation and maintenance of any new work project.
    • Realization of the hydraulic and pneumatic tests according to existing standards.
    • Constitution of files manufacturers by system.
    • Boilers retube.
    • The relief of the safety valves.

Adresse: 43, Cité Hassen Nouri 7000, Bizerte-Tunisie
Tél: (+216) 72 570 625 / Fax: (+216) 72 571 322
E-mail: [email protected]