Industrial insulation Company in Tunisia and Europe: AFRIKISOL

Our know-how :

  • Industrial heat isolation.
  • Creation and pose of industrial air conditioning and ventilation duct networks
  • Sale and pose of thermic and acoustic insulation supply.
  • Sale and assembly of scaffolding supply
  • Sale and pose of industrial false ceiling supply.

The Reasons for which to choose AFRIKISOL as a partner :

  • The quality of our services constitutes the base of our relations with the customers in the long term, so, we watch permanently to strengthen it " in April, 2014, AFRIKISOL obtained ISO certification 9001 Quality management 2008 version by the VERITAS Office". Today we are the only Tunisian company which is ISO-certified 9001 Quality management 2008 version. And this year also, we begin with the implementation of both combined systems ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • The heat insulation remains the main activity of Afrikisol, which is translated by the manufacturing and the installation of the custom-made fine sheet metal workshop, the manufacturing of the insulating mattresses, the installation of the isolation materials on the piping and the supervision. Afrikisol is, of this fact, the major partner as soon as it is about big project which requires specific interventions on equipments in very high and/or very low-temperature.
  • We satisfy the high-security, operational standards and of the quality.
  • Our fast answers, and our availability is almost immediate.
  • A qualified team, endowed with 30 years of experience, having skills in the domain, from the prefabrication to final installation.
  • Our skills allow us to intervene both on new installations and on extension, renovation or maintenance.
  • Our first approach is to be available for you, to recommend you the solution which correspond the most to your current needs while anticipating your future needs.
  • The energy control is an essential approach which conjugates in an environmental necessity. Our solutions for the industrial heat insulation allow you significant and measurable gains, by avoiding all the decreases at the level of the flow transfer. You’ll have thus, a very fast return on investment.

Our fields of intervention :

The insulation services of AFRIKISOL Industry are very required in various industrial sectors :

  • Power plants
  • Cement factories
  • Refineries: oil, gas, vegetable oil, suga
  • Marine & offshore industries
  • Oil installations
  • Chemical industry
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hotel trades, airports, hospitals, universities
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Textile industry
  • Milk Processing Center